First documentary episode + presale coming in May 2023

  • Documenting eight horse breeds in their natural habitat
  • A coffee table book, A3 size with +/- 400 pages
  • 250 limited edition books
  • An eight-part documentary series
  • Interviews with ecologists and historians
  • In-depth podcasts with breeders

What we are working on

The equine legacy project

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 We are a small and driven team. Projects with this much ambition can always benefit from more people with the right skills. Do you have a skillset that could help us with this mission? Contact us with your offer!

  • Sponsor Manager who can maintain and help us with sponsors/companies who want to work with us
  • Graphic Designer who can make maps, and drawings of nature and horses
  • Podcast Editor who can edit the podcast and maintain the platforms.
  • Social Media Manager for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube
  • Book Editor who can edit the text written in the book.

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Capturing the essence of a breed is only possible through the expertise of locals. Collaborate with us on a photo/videosession, interview, travel support, accommodation, or see one of our open positions.


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