Ten years ago, when my love for photography started, it was just me with a simple camera taking pictures of everything. Over the years it developed into something more, bringing me to many unique places, where I met inspiring people and heard the stories of their horses. 

In those years an idea began to spark, which grew into a dream and after many months of brainstorming, countless zoom meetings and extensive research with my team we noticed how many horse breeds are declining in numbers. That is when it became a mission and we started the conservation project: Equine Legacy.

As I love everything about creation and design, I decided to study Architecture and Industrial design. But photography is where my passion truly lies.

My experience in photography, combined with my fascination for the world and the beautiful animals within, made me want to share why we need to preserve this living cultural heritage. 

Minh Dan vu


Meet the team

When I was 12 years old, my parents got me a little film camera. I used to make comedy sketches of all kinds of silly things. At 17 years old I decided I wanted to do something more with my passion. For three years I studied photography but found out that videography was more my thing.  

Now I've made filming my fulltime job. My sketches turned into documentaries where I got to hear loving and interesting stories from many people. I've been a horse girl for pretty much most of my life. Combining my love for horses and videography is why I take part in this project. To conserve the endangered horses and share the knowledge of their caretakers and breeders. Let's make the numbers that are still out there, count.

Alieke Datema



Spending time with my horse and listening to my grandmother talk about life are two of my favourite childhood memories. I found my Omi's stories to be remarkable. The happy, the sad, and everything in between. This fascination for personal stories never left.

Looking back, it seems only natural that I decided to study Psychology. I also fell in love with travel during this time. Simultaneously I saw the damaging effects of anthropogenic practices on nature. I became deeply passionate about sustainability and biodiversity conservation and decided to pursue a masters in Environment and Resource Management. Freshly graduated, I now explore the world, write about sustainable travel and share the stories of the remarkable people I meet along the way. I love what I do as a travel writer because I get to ask people: what do you love?

The equine legacy project hits the sweet spot, combining horses, travel, biodiversity conservation and of course: stories. I can’t wait to share them with you.


Valerie de Vries



 We are a small and driven team. Projects with this much ambition can always benefit from more people with the right skills. Do you have a skillset that could help us with this mission? Contact us with your offer!

  • Sponsor Manager who can maintain and help us with sponsors/companies who want to work with us
  • Graphic Designer who can make maps, and drawings of nature and horses
  • Podcast Editor who can edit the podcast and maintain the platforms.
  • Social Media Manager for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube
  • Book Editor who can edit the text written in the book.

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