Our mission is driven by the urgent need to raise awareness for endangered and rare horse breeds, preserving their rich heritage and cultural significance for future generations.

Conducting a project of this scale and significance demands substantial resources. From extensive travel to remote locations to in-depth documentation and research efforts, the process is a costly endeavor. We are dedicated to producing a captivating coffee table book and documentary series that will serve as a testament to the beauty and resilience of these endangered horse breeds.

Will you help with our mission? Your contribution will not only help us cover the expenses associated with our documentation efforts but will also play a pivotal role in raising awareness about the critical state of these rare breeds and the importance of preserving their legacy.

Extend their legacy

Why your support matters

Project Sponsor:
Demonstrate your commitment to global equine heritage conservation by becoming a project-wide sponsor. Your generous support will play a pivotal role in financing our expedition across multiple countries.

Breed or Country Specific Sponsor:
Focus on a particular breed of interest, to have a direct impact on preserving a them in a specific region or country or help us cover travel expenses, such as transportation or stay.


Travel Collaborator:
To be able to document the essence of the breed it is important to work together with locals. Provide valuable contributions such as travel accommodations, equipment, or logistical support. 

Media Collaborator:
Collaborate with us as a media partner and amplify the reach of our conservation message through your channels. Together we can spread the message further.


Document Breed History:
Uncover and preserve the fascinating stories and historical significance of endangered horse breeds, capturing their unique characteristics and contributions to human history.

Promote Conservation Initiatives:
Collaborate with local experts and organizations in various countries to give a platform to sustainable conservation strategies that protect these breeds and their natural habitats.

Create Inspiring Media:
Produce a visually stunning coffee table book and engaging documentary episodes, touching the hearts of people worldwide and sparking greater empathy and concern for equine conservation.

You support us to

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Every contribution, no matter the size, plays an integral role in this essential endeavor. As you explore our sponsorship options, we invite you to consider the profound impact your support will have on the preservation of these majestic creatures. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of endangered horse breeds endures. Contact us to discuss the sponsorship option that best aligns with your organization's mission and interests. 


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